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The latest Bornibus news and events: commercial partnerships, appearances in the gastronomic media and culinary boxes. 

La grande épicerie de Paris

Buy Bornibus in the shop of La Grande Épicerie de Paris

Bornibus chez Maison GK !

Retrouvez nos produits Bornibus dans le 16ᵉ arrondissement de Paris chez Gérald dans son établissement « Maison GK » ! 

Tia Gourmet

Un concept store, de la gastronomie, des régalades à la Bornibus… rendez-vous à Tours! 

Bornibus in Gourmiboxes !

This month it’s the pickle confit that has a special place in the Gourmibox of November 2015.

This product will be perfect to celebrate your last autumn picnics.

French Cocotte

This month, French Cocotte subscribers received the spicy and tasty Bornibus horseradish in their box.

Ideal to enhance all your dishes!

Bornibus in the Les Délices Français box set! Summer box

The inimitable pickle confit and grilled red pepper slices were in the spotlight at Les Délices Français!

And finally, what could be more logical for the summer edition of this well-known gourmet box

Marie Claire's Gourmet Box Christmas and New Year's Eve Special

Bornibus Pastries are featured in the Marie Claire Gourmet Box.

You can discover the famous little Bornibus pastries that will bring a little sunshine to this selection of delicatessen products with winter flavours. 

Press and social networks

Bornibus quoted in books, videos, and social network articles. 

Le champenois livre Bernard Pharisien

Meeting with Bernard Pharisien, author of "Bornibus le Champenois"

Squeezie Mayonnaise wasabi

Bornibus with the greatest french youtuber

Thanks to Annabelle Legronne!

The young actress and model Annabelle Lengronne did not hesitate to praise the merits of Bornibus mayonnaise on the shelves of La grande épicerie de Paris at Bon Marché.

Bornibus, partner of Burgers Toqués!

At Bornibus, we followed the new edition of the Burgers Toqués with particular attention. Maxime Bonnabry brilliantly won this competition thanks to his inimitable talent for combining taste and pleasure. Honestly, we are not surprised by his victory since his recipe contains no less than 3 Bornibus products! We’ll let you discover the recipe, we’re delighted.

Bornibus Burger

Selective trade fairs and sales outlets

You can find our Bornibus products at international gastronomic fairs and in delicatessens all over the world!

Enjoy your Bornibus products in your "Bottles" wine bar!

Are you looking for a nice place to get together with your friends? We know of a new address, the BOTTLES bar at 57 rue Saint Anne in PARIS. In this warm and welcoming place, you can enjoy different wines accompanied by a tasty plate of charcuterie. And what better way to accompany it than with small pastries or other Bornibus condiments? And if you like it, you can also buy it on the spot to make the pleasure last at home!

Semon volver a la esencia Madrid

Bornibus at "Semon" in Barcelona!

Fromagerie Quebec Hamel

Bornibus at "Fromagerie Hamel" in Montreal